Chapter 6-1: More from Shinogan

For appearances sake, Shinogan from the exterior, looked just like any other high school. It was large, built with sturdy walls the color of bland oatmeal, with open stairs and large windows in the classrooms. We had a field for Phys. Ed. Classes, science labs, shoe lockers by the main door, and small blocks of shrubberies surrounding the building that students took turns taking care of. And like a lot of other Japanese schools, we had our fair share of horror stories.

“The Seven Mysteries?” Dominic repeated. Mitsuo nodded eagerly. He loved scary stories. He freaked out at a Casper movie but he loved scary stories.

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Chapter 5-3: Wu

The impact of Wu’s appearance didn’t stop there though. A new student in the prestigious class attracted attention, and there were constantly people testing their mettle against him, students who wanted his space in the class and even teachers who disliked our ‘genius’ on principle, like Mr. Morito.

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Chapter 5-2: Wu

With ten minutes before class started, Mitsuo and I made our way back to class. The corridors were still fairly busy with small groups loitering around before the bell rang, savouring the last minutes of freedom. But when we reached our class, there was a larger-than-normal group gathered outside and an unnatural stillness made my eyes narrow. I could hear a few voices rising over the din, loud with an aggressive undertone that just blared trouble. And if that wasn’t enough, the Inugami head hovered over the crowd like a red flag. Mitsuo and I exchanged a look and went over there, pushing our way through the crowd.

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