Chapter 7-2: Subaru’s Past

The Masuda and the Kanda family had a long and complicated history. Centuries ago, the two families had been partners, colleagues in that same field of dispelling youkai.

The Kanda’s had always been the family in the shadows, it was our way of life. We had a good reputation and the children were strong so although we didn’t prosper, we weren’t doing too badly. The Masuda’s on the other hand, expanded. Branches of families split up and their name suddenly meant the big bucks. Officials and even the Emperor would call on them to perform ceremonies and other things and they were seriously rich and powerful.

At some point, the Masuda blood started thinning. Their children were weaker and weaker with each generation and more and more of their assignments were given to the Kanda’s so their reputation could be intact. Gradually, it developed into the relationship we had now. The Masuda’s was still a big name, they wouldn’t let themselves be anything else, but their power came from their wealth, their connections and their ambition. To the outside world, they were the civilized beings, the ones to contact when they ventured into the unknown. But in the spiritual circle, the name of Kanda held the real power and the Masuda’s had for all intents and purposes, gone over to the dark side.

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