Victorian Lapidary: Chapter 2-1

Feeling a little under the weather, so here’s another snippet.


The omnibus was crowded full of young clerks and other business people off to an early morning’s start. The low din of chatter was almost soothing as we passed carriages and cabs and the odd bicycle amongst the streets. There weren’t many who stopped at my destination. Fleet Street was hardly renown for its offices. I have no clue exactly what I would be finding here, but I kept my eyes peeled for anything. Soon, I hear the commotion of Something Happening. A large crowd gathers around a corner. I hear the whistles of police as they try to control the gathering. Drawing closer, there are whispers of, ‘‘Nother body’ ‘Jus’ like the last one’ ‘Boy, eh?’ ‘Slit along the throat’. Excitement pounded in my veins.

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