Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-4

When I look back to previous work, one of the things I notice is the personality traits my MCs seem to share.

It’s funny what kind of aspects of your own character come out when you’re writing. I always expected I would write something light-hearted, funny, easy, but my characters, no matter how hard I try, always seem to come out cynical and at least a little sarcastic. 

Some say writers should let flow what feels natural, let their characters do their own thing. And I’ve read about writers who describe their characters’ stories as a journey of discovery both for them and the character. Just as you can’t know everything about a person, it’s impossible to really know everything about a character you’ve created and where they end up may surprise even you.

But I wonder, if it feels like your story is slipping out of your control and perhaps, veering off route and into a ditch, isn’t it time to step on the brakes and take a few steps back? Discipline or flow, that is the question. 

Anyway, this chapter ended up longer than I thought, most likely because I have yet to process it through an intense editing session, but here’s the last part of chapter 3.


Sighing, she gave up the pretence of dignity and sat herself on a chair. “How long have we known each other, Mr. Arden?” Continue reading “Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-4”

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-2

Murders made all sorts of sensational news, but that boy at the harbor – my crystals hadn’t guided me there and I’d paid him little mind, deeming it unnecessary.

“When was the boy in the harbor found again?” I asked casually.

“The tenth. Just a few days ago.” He finished the tea in two large swallows. Continue reading “Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-2”

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-1


My modest venue in Clerkenwell was located between a milliner and a printing shop. A small bricked block with hundreds upon thousands worth of pounds in gemstones and jewelry behind the casing of glass and drapes. A bell tingled lightly as I pushed the doors open. Through this opening was a world of riches. The glass counter featured some of the more contemporary pieces, brooches, necklaces, rings, cufflinks with scarabs and flowers, pendants and some chokers. I had everything from semi-precious stones at an affordable price and diamonds and fancies for the extravagant.

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