A quick intro of the four MCs of my Onmyouji series: Ren Kanda (神田 蓮) Hair: Red Eyes: Brown Age: 15 FAQ: One of the few remaining onmyouji in Japan, heir to the famed Kanda clan. Minimally polite and basically stubborn. Growing up in a clan with everyone having their own agenda, he likes things efficient and… Continue reading Characters

I’m finally back and there’s a book!

To be specific, it's an ebook! I'm dusting off this blog again, because after years and years of writing and re-writing and endless editing, I've finally finished the first book of my Onmyouji Chronicles series: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, which is now available in Amazon thanks to the wonders of self-publishing. A long while back, I… Continue reading I’m finally back and there’s a book!