Resurfacing with updates and a tiny, tiny excerpt

After months of hunkering down and trying to focus on simply writing, I have resurfaced in Nanowrimo month (which I probably won't be doing). I'm happy to say that I've entered second-stage editing for two books, which involves the big re-hauls to smooth out the story. Once I've finished those, I go into the final… Continue reading Resurfacing with updates and a tiny, tiny excerpt

Night Parade Part 9

Subaru stared up at the slowly brightening sky, the ground cold against his back. His throat clogged with the heavy mix of blood and rot in each breath, and his chest was burning but it was too hard to move. He couldn’t feel his face. “You did very well, boy.” The lyrical voice of the… Continue reading Night Parade Part 9

Night Parade Part 8

The allies, so named in the tale remained seated in their spots in the circle just as their surrounding youkai burst in a sudden geyser of blood and limbs. The Fox chuckled while the Tanuki sighed of waste. The remaining youkai retaliated in outrage and several immediately raced to the Onmyouji, but were brought down… Continue reading Night Parade Part 8

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-3

I came back out with the watch. “This brings back memories. His clothes in the picture remind me of the ones we wore when we were younger, when we had to help around the shop. The ones with the itchy collars.”I could almost hear Kenneth’s mind working.“If he wasn’t born in the slums, what’s a… Continue reading Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-3

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-2

Murders made all sorts of sensational news, but that boy at the harbor - my crystals hadn’t guided me there and I’d paid him little mind, deeming it unnecessary. “When was the boy in the harbor found again?” I asked casually. “The tenth. Just a few days ago.” He finished the tea in two large… Continue reading Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-2

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-1

My modest venue in Clerkenwell was located between a milliner and a printing shop. A small bricked block with hundreds upon thousands worth of pounds in gemstones and jewelry behind the casing of glass and drapes. A bell tingled lightly as I pushed the doors open. Through this opening was a world of riches. The… Continue reading Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-1

Victorian Lapidary Chapter 2-2

In Fleet Street, death was an Event. It was the one certainty people had, and they watched it all with ill-concealed excitement, especially when the circumstances were suspicious, then it became the subject of eager speculation. And for some, death was also an opportunity. The sky was clouded and gray, the sun hidden like a… Continue reading Victorian Lapidary Chapter 2-2

Victorian Lapidary: Chapter 2-1

Feeling a little under the weather, so here's another snippet. The omnibus was crowded full of young clerks and other business people off to an early morning’s start. The low din of chatter was almost soothing as we passed carriages and cabs and the odd bicycle amongst the streets. There weren’t many who stopped at… Continue reading Victorian Lapidary: Chapter 2-1