Night Parade Part 8

The allies, so named in the tale remained seated in their spots in the circle just as their surrounding youkai burst in a sudden geyser of blood and limbs. The Fox chuckled while the Tanuki sighed of waste. The remaining youkai retaliated in outrage and several immediately raced to the Onmyouji, but were brought down by the Tengu and his whirlwinds, allowing Subaru time to summon his Shikigami.

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Prequel to Onmyouji Chronicles 1-1

Back to my original piece of work. This is my first attempt at writing a short story, and confirmed my suspicions that I’m too long-winded to carry out short stories.

It was meant to be a prequel to the Onmyouji Chronicles that I’ve tentatively named the Night Parade. Those who wonder what that refers to should check out my post on the Hyakki Yako.


The writing is rougher than I like and I’ll probably re-haul it again, but here it is:

“To restore the Kanda name, you have but one purpose: destroy the Night Parade.”

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Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-4

When I look back to previous work, one of the things I notice is the personality traits my MCs seem to share.

It’s funny what kind of aspects of your own character come out when you’re writing. I always expected I would write something light-hearted, funny, easy, but my characters, no matter how hard I try, always seem to come out cynical and at least a little sarcastic. 

Some say writers should let flow what feels natural, let their characters do their own thing. And I’ve read about writers who describe their characters’ stories as a journey of discovery both for them and the character. Just as you can’t know everything about a person, it’s impossible to really know everything about a character you’ve created and where they end up may surprise even you.

But I wonder, if it feels like your story is slipping out of your control and perhaps, veering off route and into a ditch, isn’t it time to step on the brakes and take a few steps back? Discipline or flow, that is the question. 

Anyway, this chapter ended up longer than I thought, most likely because I have yet to process it through an intense editing session, but here’s the last part of chapter 3.


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Victorian Lapidary Chapter 3-2

Murders made all sorts of sensational news, but that boy at the harbor – my crystals hadn’t guided me there and I’d paid him little mind, deeming it unnecessary.

“When was the boy in the harbor found again?” I asked casually.

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