Today's topic is the jorougumo (女郎蜘蛛) or lady spider, as I like to call it. A spider creature that can change into a woman.  Although the jorougumo is quite hideous - it's a gigantic spider, of course it's hideous - it isn't technically considered a youkai, but a nushi (主), wherein a creature that has survived for a long… Continue reading Jorougumo


I'm terrible at updating, I know. It's just so easy for RL to get in the way and procrastinating and writing practically go hand-in-hand... This time it's about the mouryou, mainly because I like the way the Chinese characters look: 魍魎. So pretty yet so hard to write. Like many youkai, this is one that started in China and… Continue reading Mouryou

Night Parade Part 8

The allies, so named in the tale remained seated in their spots in the circle just as their surrounding youkai burst in a sudden geyser of blood and limbs. The Fox chuckled while the Tanuki sighed of waste. The remaining youkai retaliated in outrage and several immediately raced to the Onmyouji, but were brought down… Continue reading Night Parade Part 8


When I first started writing this book, I ran into a snag of what exactly was an Onmyouji (pronounced on-myo-gee) 陰陽師. There's a lot of beliefs and religion mixed into the concept, but basically, an Onmyouji is a practitioner of magic and divination. During the Heian era, they were government officials meant to protect the Emperor and citizens… Continue reading Onmyouji