Night Parade Part 9

Subaru stared up at the slowly brightening sky, the ground cold against his back. His throat clogged with the heavy mix of blood and rot in each breath, and his chest was burning but it was too hard to move. He couldn’t feel his face. “You did very well, boy.” The lyrical voice of the… Continue reading Night Parade Part 9


Izuna (飯綱) also goes by the name of kuda-kitsune (管狐). It can be said the two are the same, yet have some small more distinctive qualities and legends about them that make them a little different. The Izuna is a small youkai, with soft fur and a tail like the end of a broom. It's born with all… Continue reading Izuna

More from fox spirits

Random tidbits: Although portrayed as a trickster, the fox spirit is also considered a messenger and faithful servant of Inari, the god of rice and fertility. The ones who serve Inari are depicted to be white in color - a good omen. Inari shrines even features numerous guardian kitsune statues. It’s said that when the sun is shining when… Continue reading More from fox spirits


When it comes to Japanese folklore, one of the more familiar characters is the kitsune (狐), the fox demon. Kitsune are capable of possessing humans, but they are most well-known for being shapeshifters. Foxes are known to be tricksters, fooling humans, stealing food, all kinds of petty crime. One aspect they are most well-known for is taking… Continue reading Kitsune

Tsuki and Mochi

  Most of my research is a miss-mash of Internet sources, books and my own rough supposition. Although the great thing about fiction is how much you can make up by your own imagination, I do try to gather as much facts as I can, especially when dealing with myths. As mentioned before, Inugami are… Continue reading Tsuki and Mochi