Let’s have a Night Parade!

The Hyakki Yako  (百鬼夜行), or the Night Parade of One Hundred Monsters, is one of the more well-known Japanese folklore tales, frequently a subject of old paintings like this one: Hyakki Yako is a name given when all kinds of youkai gather together in a group to walk the streets. Of course, anyone who happens… Continue reading Let’s have a Night Parade!

Yuki no Onna

Here's another favorite among the folklore of Japan, the Snow Maiden - Yuki no Onna. The Snow Maiden is purported as a young, beautiful woman, with long, black hair and pale skin that was cold to the touch. Most likely to be seen in a snowstorm or a snowy landscape wearing a white kimono. The origin of the… Continue reading Yuki no Onna

More from fox spirits

Random tidbits: Although portrayed as a trickster, the fox spirit is also considered a messenger and faithful servant of Inari, the god of rice and fertility. The ones who serve Inari are depicted to be white in color - a good omen. Inari shrines even features numerous guardian kitsune statues. It’s said that when the sun is shining when… Continue reading More from fox spirits


When it comes to Japanese folklore, one of the more familiar characters is the kitsune (狐), the fox demon. Kitsune are capable of possessing humans, but they are most well-known for being shapeshifters. Foxes are known to be tricksters, fooling humans, stealing food, all kinds of petty crime. One aspect they are most well-known for is taking… Continue reading Kitsune

Inugami and Shikigami

Onmyouji and Shikigami go hand-in-hand, and not just because they're both hard to pronounce. Although Onmyouji by and large, practiced a form of divination arts, many believed that the truly powerful ones were capable of controlling spirits and demons. Shikigami  (she-ki-ga-mi) 式神, are such spirits that Onmyouji could have do their bidding. Depending on how good the practitioner was, shikigami could… Continue reading Inugami and Shikigami

Prologue of Onmyouji Chronicles

As an aspiring writer, one of the most exhilarating and terrifying things is to see your own words put out there. Which is why I'm anticipating a buzz wherein I will be annoying anyone with the misfortune of being next to me by doing my impression of She Who Would Not Shut Up. This blog… Continue reading Prologue of Onmyouji Chronicles