Baking and other disasters

Instead of writing, I decided baking would be a much better way to spend my day, especially since I was low on chocolatey eats.

I am an okay baker at best. I can follow recipes, 80% of the time they come out alright and they generally land somewhere between edible and good.

That being said, I don’t necessarily enjoy the baking process as I tend to stress if the yeast is working, if the dough is rising and if any of the flours have gone bad.

This time, tried a rice flour brownie recipe from and happily it actually came out looking brownie-ish. (Insert tears of joy).


Actually, it was probably more of a dense chocolate loaf because I cut back the butter and sugar, but I’m counting it as a win. Next time, I think I’ll try it with milk chocolate.


Start of a New Series aka Productive Procrastination

assorted color threads with case
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Since I’ve been staying at home a lot, got really into some vintage fashion videos on Youtube about sewing and patterns and Regency era/Victorian designs. Which inevitably led to my next great brainstorm – seamstress heroine who makes amazing patterns and dresses and…stuff.

Problem no.1 – Regency era or Victorian? Maybe I’ll take a giant leap and go for the Qing Dynasty and embroidery.

Problem no.2 – MC has a job, which is great. But as for the actual story…

Problem no.3 – I really suck at sewing.

With enough research, can you write about what you don’t know? Probably not as well as you’d like.

I took some embroidery classes a while back, trying to adopt a hobby that would keep my hands busy and calm the anxiety, but I ditched it pretty quickly. Recently, I picked it up again to realise that a) I still suck, b) it’s still quite fun, and c) the hours really zip by when you’re sewing and listening to TV and generally not writing.

Conclusion: possible new series, definite new procrastination method but I get to poke things with needles so it’s all good.