More from fox spirits

Random tidbits:

Although portrayed as a trickster, the fox spirit is also considered a messenger and faithful servant of Inari, the god of rice and fertility. The ones who serve Inari are depicted to be white in color – a good omen. Inari shrines even features numerous guardian kitsune statues.

It’s said that when the sun is shining when it rains, that’s when the fox’s wedding is being held. Kitsune no yomeiri (狐狸嫁新娘). Anyone who’d like an idea of the visual should see Kurosawa Akira’s Dream. There’s a short movie called SunshineThrough the Rain that depicts just such a scene.

Fox spirits are believed to be fond of aburage, sliced fried tofu. Udon dishes with fried tofu slices are even called kitsune udon for this reason.

There is a popular story featuring a character called Kuzunoha. A white fox was rescued from a hunter by a young nobleman and she comes back in human form to help nurse his wounds. They marry and have a son, but Kuzunoha’s true nature is revealed when her son catches the tip of her tail. She leaves a poem for them to come find her if they want to see her before departing. This story is remarkable because is supposedly – Abe no Seimei, the infamous Onmyouji. In fact, this story is often considered the explanation of his extraordinary powers.


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