I’m finally back and there’s a book!

To be specific, it’s an ebook!

I’m dusting off this blog again, because after years and years of writing and re-writing and endless editing, I’ve finally finished the first book of my Onmyouji Chronicles series: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, which is now available in Amazon thanks to the wonders of self-publishing.

A long while back, I decided to focus on actually finishing and polishing my book until it was generally fit for public consumption. For those who have seen my earlier posts (and actually remember them, it’s been a while) they are the foundation on which this ebook was built on.

Anyway, that’s my news and I just had to share it and release some of my freaking out energy 😀

If you like it, please buy and recommend. I’m on the last dregs of book two and hope to publish that soon as well!

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