Resurfacing with updates and a tiny, tiny excerpt

After months of hunkering down and trying to focus on simply writing, I have resurfaced in Nanowrimo month (which I probably won’t be doing). I’m happy to say that I’ve entered second-stage editing for two books, which involves the big re-hauls to smooth out the story. Once I’ve finished those, I go into the final stage of proofreading for any spelling mistakes or repetitions.

The two books include the second book in The Mage series and the first in a new Merlin-based series, This is Not a Teenage Love Story, a New Adult fantasy series. As with all first books, it has caused me no end of trouble working out the kinks and trying to find the right voices, the right tones and the right direction for the characters and the story.

I’ve attached a tiny excerpt from This is Not a Teenage Love Story. This scene appears further into the book, but it’s one that stuck through all the drafts (and there were many). Hope you enjoy!

There was a sudden crackle in the air, like static electricity, only with more energy and more joy. Something inside Izzie started to hum and come alive and she found herself getting off the desk to come closer. As Tristan slowly separated his hands, she saw it. Sharp blue tendrils of lightning, crackling from his fingertips. One of the small lightening streaks fizzed and became a cloud and started to drizzle, a mini-raincloud. Involuntarily, she came closer and felt a gust of wind against her face. She stretched a hand and jolted back when she felt water. Real water. 

Slowly, his hands came back together and the lightening and the cloud disappeared. A small sound of disappointment escaped her lips and she looked up to meet his calm, knowing gaze. 

“Magic,” he said. 

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